Ghoulish aka Ghoul aka Ghouly aka Ghoulavelii has been on a tear lately. Although I have not been here on LIKEITORNOT to lead you down the rabbit hole, a rabbit hole it has surely become. It has always been my belief, after surveying the landscape, that no one works at the pace Ghoul has been able to set for himself. A lot of it has to do with Ghoul being the quinessential rap act of today's marketplace. He's completely DIY, making the sounds, writing the lyrics, structure, format, cadence all his - sure it took him several seasons of rain to find the niche but he's honed in on everyone of his strengths combing that with uncanny ability to make a space for himself on the road his how you grab the attention of Seattle Weekly staff writers and readership. And that is exactly what happened mid August SW writer Anthony Davis sat down with Tacoman Ghoul to put his finger on the pulse of the upcoming culture happening in Pierce County and speak on the behalf of Sleazy Season, Ghoul's latest full body of work. It's a solid article and I truthful narrative to the surge coming from Tacoma. Between Ghoul and Davis I don't think there was a pace setter in the T that was left out in reference to the youth. 

A bit before Sleazy Season released Ghoul gave us "WHOA" which I credited on twitter as being the best that I've heard from the young lad thus far and that sentiment still stands. So I was thrilled when he decided to give the streets a visual to his single (that is not something that always happens with Tacoma artists often). The visual is exactly what you want to see from Ghoul - performance scenes with solid post production. Shout out to Ian Ostrowski who shot and edited the visual. We've been consistently playing Ghoul this Summer and Sleazy Season has slowly crept up the recently played playlist in iTunes. You can find a write up from it's release here on LIKEITORNOT written by Gary who is a BBE affiliate. 

Ghoul also recently released the visual to a Spotify single 'Stunna' (shot and directed by Anthony Parker somewhere in California) that came out before Sleazy Season and for whatever reason did not make spot on the project's tracklisting. Stunna was also one that had to grow on me - when I first stumbled across it on my way to play Horchata and Hennessy I was not enthusiastic about the cadence or hook. But like most songs I claim to hate - if it slips it's way into a playlist while I cruising Tacoma, which I often do, somehow that changes how it all effects me. Stunna was one of those cuts. Playing it for Vona B. she too had the delayed reaction, only halfway enjoying the production during her first listen while I rage in the driver's seat. It was only days later that I would get into the car a two songs into her aux list 'Stunna' is getting the max volume treatment. 

Play both these visuals and find download and/or stream the mp3s and tell a homie about Ghoul aka Ghoulavelii.