Jack the Spitter is the BBE wild card. He's off beat, off kilter, lo-fi and half the time he's yelling lyrics more than he's pronouncing them. The thing is...that is the point. What Jack does has an acquired appeal, you need reference to relate. The evidence is right there on his Soundcloud which is basically a bread crumb trail of the latest artists/songs that double as inspiration as much as they do entertainment. His latest (produced by BBE in-house Big Bitter) 'NUT UP' is no different. In the beginning it can be argued that Jack is rambling more than he's rhyming but as the song progresses you hear him slowly slide in to the pocket before striking up and matching the energy of Big Bitter's production. Listening to Jack is like walking up a hill for me - you brace yourself at the start, you pace yourself by the middle and it's most intense before you reach the top and level out - but when I get there it was worth and I'm glad I made it. Play NUT UP below and run the Stadium stairs or hit DT Tacoma and march up a hill to the BBE's most militant. Here is what Jack had to say about his latest:

"a lil song about waking up n
then dealin with the fact
that u definitley gotta keep
on being ya boy :))))))))
new tape soon
ya fucking