Over the past year and a half Anwar has been doing what I always knew he would do well - grow an international presence. His passion from streetwear comes from seeing the Japanese OGs we all know and admire do it so well. He is a product of that environment. So it has been amazing to watch Anwar travel the country that he admires and be embraced so warmly by retailer after retailer. The pop-up shop out there did famously last year and since returning to the stateside it's has in Japanese publications and blogs that I'm seeing the homie secure feature after feature. It's a blessing to see. There have even been some very solid collabs - the most fire being the most recent with heritage brand XLarge. That is relationship building at it's finest and I hope to see this collaboration become an annual one much like the StussyxNeighborhood releases. The culture needs it. The X-LARGE collection deserves all the hype BUT this Ciaopanic exclusive colorway collection is the highlight of the 4th quarter as of now. The Carrots Spring/Summer collection is already a solid paring of pieces but monochrome re-imagination is both genuine to the culture, in Japan particularly, and maximizes the simplicity and sleekness of the latest Carrots collection.

Again it is only available in the far East so God bless the Internet or you're out of luck. Get chrome for full translation and shop here.