This year is about doing more for the community we enjoy so much, the Pacific Northwest rarewear apparel and accessories brands. It's always been our dream to live in a limited edition utopia. Young ladies and lads moving through hallways and avenues in pieces that speak to their mentality and lifestyle and unique to their wardrobe due to limited ability for their peers to copy. Now than ever it feels possible to accomplish -  maybe on a small scale to start, Tacoma, but the circulation of business and demand for hard to acquire goods can be easily spread through a staple business model of our community anyway - collaboration. Collaboration is a proper introduction from one brands audience to another. So expect it all 20-17 - the connecting of dots, starting with a brand we have heard about and seen popular pieces in the streets - LXRD KNOWS.  A one man vision that clearly has seen countless hours and days creation and curative thought hailing for Vancouver,  WA. This season owner Chris had this to say:

"The collection is called 'Wicked Thoughts' the collection is all inspired on my religious upbringing and how it was forced on me as a kid but at the same time I was a saint to my family but in my personal life I was "sinning" everyday from robbing , breaking the law , etc"

LXRD KNOWS 'WICKED THOUGHTS' will be available 01/25/17 online and in-store via Club907. Limited gear. Limited time. Peep the collection below. 


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