This week we had Reese from the Glo Up in Studio B, down the hall from The Truth Studios due to a heavy metal band playing nearby. Never the less we had the Jack Daniels and red bulls flowing along with our creative energies and touched on tons of subjects such as why Trappers is the McDonalds of Sushi houses, why Reese thinks John Stockton can just be removed from the top 50 players of all time list, why The Other Guy dislikes Moctezumas bar on 56th St., to how much fun Reese had filming Girl on Girl porn at Mally Mal's in LA. We touch briefly on tons of other interesting topics in our brief stint in Studio B. Come ride with us as we bring you stories that were told for the first time, to us, on LIKEITORNOT. Also S/O Ysidro for being the runner & getting that 2nd fifth of Jack!

Words by A-Hyp