February 1st 2007 aka the day I missed the Tofer T shirt is how I will forever remember it. It would also mark the day the Fairfax experience would die for me. The Hundreds being a west coast brand and solely based on subculture content that was hidden to the average eye. It was the stuff is small print, a blurb in a fashion magazine, the one shop with the one rack - but you needed everything on that rack. I didn't realize it at the time but the basic values of small and in demand were built into my psyche because of being raised in Tacoma. It helps to keep us focused on growing organically from small to big no hormones or steroids. Working RSWD opened my eyes once more and I began to learn how you can do business with little retail space. It takes building a community first, then nurturing loyalty through lifestyle similarities and presenting opportunities for those parallels to appear - ie events. RSWD also showed me how having that sort of subculture sanctuary is a pillar for an expanding business and it's ability to bring the right employees right to you door step along with maintaining a certain type of loyal customer that has blinders to saturation levels because they are so invested in the experience should you be able to continue to provide it. And that's what RSWD10 is celebrating the ability to continue to provide the same feeling with enhanced product service and experience. And the beauty of it all has always been -  it doesn't come with a price tag should you choose not to purchase or perhaps can't at the moment - the love is complimentary and will be always.  

Thank you Ben and Bobby for being big brothers mentors and captains of the clubhouse,  Thank you RSWD for understanding the concept of camaraderie what that means to any humans confidence and character. 

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