I am a fan of Crimewave's sound and how it has evolved since his first release we were playing in the shop. I can admit that playing it was because he was, at the time, a part of the Boiler Boyz with our brother Yung Fern. But there was something I enjoyed about it then that has continued to grow and I knew it would only take 'one' to become a Crimewave believer. That 'one' came further down the line when Buje Mane introduced me to "Shut It Down", that was it. Since then closer attention has been paid. It was the sound from that song that drew me in. 

Lil Wikileaks is an album full of that same sound. To my ear it is blend of genre, he's has taken his expert level experience in live music and blended it with the modern trap sound. Crimewave has never had issues with content so it's dope to hear him with this sound that works for his voice and aesthetic. You could hear it in the pre-release song but Lil Wikileaks is a great full length and his song with Slug Christ is a Slug verse I can sit through. Standouts are Seeking Arrangements, Wikileaks and Who Is You but I would play it straight through for the full effect. That's just my ritual though. 

Crimewave is usually a beast with visual content and he didn't disappoint this time around with the cartoon likeness he had created for the cover. From a design note I especially enjoy the placement of the album title and his name. Play more Crimewave.