Likeitornot we like this kid. Travis is rapper who is great at storytelling and at telling story and it's truthful and he shows you that. I can't dispute the likeness to Dave but nothing can take away the songwriting ability.  Travis makes grooves and they come from the same scene - they're sound being similar may be Seattle a real sound to run with on a commercial level. The backpacker wave isn't going to be it. I'll also note this feels like an evolved version of it - some of the same elements are there like the must-have ability to rap. 

Joyride is the latest Travis joint and was released as he began tour for the first time and for the first time with Macklemore. Smart move, something to hold the old fans over while you run around to make new ones. Tyler Dopps did an excellent job providing the vibe and Travis does his lyrical bop and there are plenty of rises in the falls Tyler placed elegantly in there for Travis for show his cadence agility. Travis does the melodic raps well and doesn't miss here plus his writing again brings you into his psyche and what he's going through and how he's feel via imagery. He's got some of the marks of a great.

Peep his Kind of Neat shot while out on road as well below:  

written by Travis Thompson
produced by Tyler Dopps
additional production by Joshua Budo Karp
recorded by Nima Skeemz @ The Ruby Room
mastered by Barry Corliss @ Master Works Studios
art by Judah Middel