Yung Fern has new heat in the cuts but we were told Big Bitter has is had over the big red release button. So to hold us over until his next bit of work Yung Fern is taking the promo approach, a smart one if we may add, by adding Juxtaposition to his Bandcamp. Juxtaposition is a compilation of songs from Yung Fern that detail out his journey so far, it's really on some Greatest Hits if you were to ask us but we play Fern pretty regularly around the 907. If I was going to introduce someone to Yung Fern anytime after this release I would start here. Not all Fern sounds are palpable to the ear - it's an acquired taste to most. We want to see more from Fern but we want you to catch up first. Shout out to Bandcamp for being a reason artist can still get their paper from creator to consumer.