OVERDOZ has been a mystery to some of their more adoring fans over the past 4 years. There seems to be an unexplained hiatus that has lead to a lot of question marks. Like, will 2008 come out before 2018 and why there seems to be a separation of Sleezy P from the group on site like Wikipedia and their Google Play page. All good questions but they all take a backseat to a new release. The cinematic trio + Creme are back with the same caliber of presentation.  You can't look away from these visuals - the wild thing to know is that their aesthetic hasn't changed and does not need to change considering how far ahead they have always been able to be. All praise to Calmatic for the Blunn!t Film classics. 

The music picks up right where they left us with Last Kiss and the story of the District continues to be told by some young successful and hungry minds living in it in these unprecedented unpredictable times. The formulas stays the same Kent bars up and sets the bar with the hook while P and Joon clean up the boards.  

All I want is to have 2008 drop.