KOizBACK!! It has been quite awhile since we have heard from the smoothest player on the SVNDLAAT VVS roster, he's been away living in order to provide content and provide for new additions to his life as well. Per usual K.O.'s beat selection is spot on, he knows the perfect bpm to cater to his cadence and more importantly he utilizes it. There is a jazz and G-funk influence throughout the project, pay attention to the bass lines - although I don't think you'll be able to miss them they capture the eardrum on more than a couple tracks. K.O. may very well be as talented at executive production as he is at writing or is it his ability take his time that makes him so effective. 

Since he's been away The Comeback was a necessary re-introduction into the sound and lifestyle, the "you've got to comeback" sample is a tailored touch I enjoyed and a witty track 01. The G-funk really comes alive on 'G Code' of course and K.O. uses the content to further walk you through why he's been away and his plans now that he's released new new. He lets the beat breath on the hook to balance out the extended verses but there's a catchy bridge thrown in the mix to help make things sing-a-long friendly. It might be my favorite song - it has the brash ego that K.O. doesn't always allow us to see. The two track combo starts here because 'Stay' featuring Tone Jonez  is also a banger. This is a KEXP banger in the near future. 1482 is an Interlude, but it's not, it's a bar-fest in K.O. fashion, lots of pauses to give it time to sink in and that sort of thing. A real SVNDLAAT moment. 

'Wisdom' is just that and K.O. makes some keen and pertinent observations about the mind state of the youth. In the closing seconds of the track he intertwines Dick Gregory giving words of encouragement through stating facts about the importance of holding the mic and what you say through it because of how effective it can be and how heavy it weighs on it's listeners. I'm certain this is something K.O. deals with as an artist first hand. He makes it apparent when he talks about it more on 'Letter to my First', it is the most heartfelt track on the project and the most personal. 

This is a solid resurgence for K.O. who has been away adulting and being a great father. That kind of living is important to make music in the manner he does - minus the flashy tales of sipping fancy alcohol and spending what you just made. Play this anywhere and everywhere.