Harry Clean is usually talked about for his talents behind the camera and in the cutting room. His post production is so well known in Western Washington it's the style behind a lot of rap and hip hop music videos currently. He figured out a particular way of storytelling while others were still planning their content. About two years ago Clean made the conscious decision to throw his hat in the ring as a artist, he has plenty of access to producers and features from artists he shot for in the past but he decided to figure it all out himself with the help of a trusted few I'm sure. His song "What I'm Into" was the first song + video that we saw catch traction. It was a solid start but Harry was determined to take it further and one year later "Seward Park" dropped. His tone of voice had synced better to the beat, the sound and pace of music was more tailored to atmosphere of the Northwest - it's a real vibey song whether you gush over Clean's lyrics or not. 

"i-5 Souf" is the perfect follow up to Seward Park, it kind of feels like it picked up where Clean last left it. Collaborating with Nyles was not a bad a move either considering Nyles just jumped back into releasing music himself. Clean reps his section so correctly, so far his best songs are talking about home in a way that others have not. He makes me like Seattle like he's taking us around the city the cutty way, the hook in the beginning of "i5 Souf" might actually reference that when Clean says he takes the "scenic route". Again Clean's voice has advanced, a bit more raspy than expected but I like it. 

First of all, Origami made a masterpiece. 

But when Clean lead us into Nyles' verse off the "but it's all good" bridge - that is the take-the-cake moment. It helps immensely that when Nyles is really in his bag he is one of the best things moving out here. He's a thinker and calculated in his approach almost too meticulously but in the end he finds the common ground between writer and listener. He might use 5 different flows in the one verse and they end it with no hook just Origami in the end. It's a solid return for Harry Clean and a very Seattle video would be fun to see from these two. 

Produced by: Origami; Executive Produced: @-Train and Last Letter
Mixed by Elan Wright and Tony Tsunami