"I be in the cut tryna sum it up// gotta pay a fee you wanna summon us" 

So Jay released this song In Tune six months ago on Soundcloud - highly underrated I'm pretty sure we didn't write about it so even we were foolish. Sometimes the game goes the other way on you - but if you have faith in a record you let live and Jay did jus that with In Tune, only further proving what he was trying to convey in the song about being " in tune" with this shit. He took the time to connect with Dawson for a Rogue x Match Media final product that has swooped in during the fourth quarter to add himself to my Top 5 videos of 2017 - funny thing is this is Dawson's second on the list. Everything is right, the small female cameos, the scene of Jay solo under spotlighting, group shots and all the other rapper video lifestyle waves that make it a moment. The real win here is the location, they used a space that breathed life in the lifestyle and as a result gave the song itself new life and makeing it one that I need on my holiday party playlist since it was absent from the Summer ones. 

A Rogue Ego Production (@rogue_ego) Directed by Dawson Knight Edited By Match Media