By now you should know Aramis, especially if you play catch up with us when we post here, his name is a little bit of everywhere on the scene. Recently Aramis spent some time away from home with cohort Buje Mane in LA. But now they're back and working on plenty but also releasing some of what's been sitting in the chamber - Buje has new music on Spotify. Aramis is back on SoundCloud with his 'For' series and his latest release "For Summers Over" is the most curated mix from the DJ spiraling upward. Like most Aramis mixes it's all about his song selection; he channeled the end-of-August mood he was going for - it's almost 25 minutes of "why is the Summer gone again" emotion at the slow paced bpm he does best. This "For Summers Gone" is a good outro to the season but now we are looking forward to "For Fall" Vol. II considering Vol. I is where the series caught it's initial steam.

Live your life like a montage 1x below: