Ian Ostrowski is a name and face that we are certain you will see in the future if you aren't already familiar. If I had to draw a comparison I would have to say Ian is setting pace to be something like Illegal Civilization. He's passionate about filming in the way that you have to be to draw attention from your peers. It took a year, give or take a couple months, for Genesis to reach a state of completion that satisfied Ian enough for a premier and release. His prowess proved to be effective and unless he's got a family member that is affiliated with 35th North Skateshop, it's impressive to see him build his validity with established businesses so young. The kids that do it in the end have been doing it forever, remember that. The turnout was nuts there were kids sitting on the floor, lined up against the walls, standing on stuff and filling up the sidewalk outside the shop. From what we saw their merchandise for the evening did extremely well. We arrived right at 9PM and bought whatever we could before the premier started, there was even a preview before the feature film. The film itself was worth the wait for followers like ourselves just figuring out who's nice and who's doing it for the time being. The night was so successful there was an unscheduled second showing that had to take place. From what we know everything is sold out but if you're smart enough to follow @dudefromthe206 then you have a chance at pre-ordering for the re-up. Below are all the promo videos up until the full-length, we are sure the full-length will be online soon enough but you want the hard copy for memoirs.