AmirSaysNothing has new music out, it's the mp3 of a song we first heard via YouTube, the link is below. Amir is a gifted lyricist and a gift songwriter with a knack for creating hooks that engage his listeners. It's the thee skill to have usually. But Amir 1 ups the hard to come by skill set with his natural ability to perform. For Amir seeing him perform live is the moment you understand his talent is undeniable whether or not you enjoy it. As a freestyle aficionado he works well on his toes and his wit allows him to change directions quickly. Saving yourself from slipping into a rabbit hole is a quality in freestyling that sets the men apart from the mice. So it was his performance of Money Mission on Underground Hip Hop's MIC SESSIONS that's captured us before his mp3 release of the aggressive Hip Hop code of arms. 

Peep the YouTube performance before the mp3 for maximum enjoyment.