One of the more consistent artists out our region in Petatosh since 2006 he's been slowly releasing music and visuals whenever he feels the time is right. Over the years there has been continued improvement in his song making ability and in his recent work, both solo and with Tacoma native Beamin, he's been tailoring his style. Personally - the paced flow he has on this latest cut 'All I Know' is the pocket where his flow and personality seem to sit the best. Hanging onto his words a bit is something Peta seems to do naturally, he has done it before. But his timing and again his pace make it sound effortless, he has a bar about "hitting him with the left..." that is hilarious and witty and the perfect example of his mastered timing.

Peta has really been working so added a missed post on our behalf below as well titled "Bad Guy. It's a collaborative effort with Tacomans Beamin and Passport Jaymes (former Jaymes Bond), we like what these guys do separately most of the time so this group tracks was something we knew we would enjoy and we do. Try it out for yourself, see how it feels.