The year started with lots of questions. A new classification, who would return, who would leave. The Foss Falcons took all of these factors and put together one of the best seasons possibly in school history. Not from a statistical standpoint, but from hard work, love and teamwork. I was there to witness all of the regular season magic and their run into the playoffs. The regular season went by without a loss in the 2A classification. 3 losses to out of state teams, one to Lincoln and Timberline, added up the Falcons losses you can count with one hand. This team's chemistry grew and so did their win totals. We also saw the emergence of strong players not named Roberto Gittens. (who by the way is one of the best players to come out of Foss hoops) We saw players like Demetrius Crosby, Donald Scott, and Micah Pollard find their grooves often to have explosive games throughout the year. Fast forward to the state tourmey, Foss put together the best 4 game series they've ever played and it culminated with a 83-73 win over Selah to capture the 2A state championship.


Now this isn't just huge for Foss as a school, this one is huge for Tacoma too. Foss was the lone survivor in any state tournament and was able to capture the trophy for the TOWN. This is also the first state championship for any Tacoma school since 2002 when Lincoln won in the 4A state tourney. And what a punctuation mark this was. For years people have treated Foss as a laughing stock of the Tacoma Highs, not taking them seriously as a school or as a team for years. As a Foss grad in 2014, I've been through this since 2011 when I started going to Foss. But no longer, as Tyler St. is now Championship Ave. once again. This means so much to not only me but a vast majority of alumni for another reason. Foss is in our blood and we went to war for our school, literally. In 2011, the district tried to shut down our beloved school. Day after day we wore our SAVE FOSS shirts with pride and even stood on the corner of 19th and Tyler for hours while holding signs and yelling for the people to save our school. Eventually the district listened and we kept our Henry Foss High School open indefinitely. I would never go anywhere else after that. I know none of the kids that go there now experienced that but I hope this title can bring some of that magic back into the halls of the Falcons.  So i'm not sure if  the guys know the impact of what they have just done, i hope they do, and if any of them read this, thank you. This one is not just for the 4 classes there now. This title is everything to the alumni and everyone who fought for our school so these guys could achieve what they did. #FossStrong #FossIsBoss #FossForever