When it comes to social media I am often pressured by my mother and family elders to be more active on Facebook. All my rapper friends, who doesn't have a few of those, say the lacking comes from not being on Snapchat. Coach P has pondered for a long time why I felt it unnecessary to have an Instagram, a platform where the account was created for me through a friends relentless motivational commentary about how it would advance me and be a necessity down the line during the beginnings of Señor Homme, Rabbithole. During that time there were even young lady friends mentioning Myspace as where music went to be discovered back in 2012 but even as an adolescent during its initial boom I was terrible at keeping up with posting, editing my page layout and Top 8 or logging on in general. I never could seem to remember to do it. But it was during all the peer pressure and advice to get social media savvy that I finger locked with Twitter. It was on some love at first type type shit, ya know? 

Since I joined Twitter I have been an advocate and had to stand my ground plenty times for why it's the best platform since 2013. That was the first year everyone claimed Twitter was dead/dying out. Until 2015 came around and Snapchat became pop culture and they predicted Twitter's dead once again, mostly because of the illusion that what you post disappears forever afterwards. In recent times we have learned that may not be so true, plus a screenshot lasts forever baby girl. In every debate/argument/intelligent conversation I have about Twitter - I come back to my thesis; I'd rather know your opinion and what you're thinking than know or see what you're doing a majority of the time.

My reasoning? Boredom, most people do not live exciting lives day to day. The visual aspect of social media, from a personal profile standpoint, is so curated. It's either you showing us what you want to us to see and that is you being as "cool" or "beautiful" as you can be. Or you're showing us first person what you see and where you've been. And all I'm saying is most of the time it's the super market, or at a stoplight or your boring professor. Just you.... filming them.

And I don't care. But I can tell you when I would, during your 12 tweet rant about how he just said made a comment with racial undertones that in your personal opinion got you fucked up. After giving him the verbal lashing of a lifetime you accompany it with a TwitPic of him looking gangly and stone-faced wearing a too small button up and Sketchers. Once again the Internet is undefeated, several of your classmates retweet your rant + photo and you have just successfully placed a candid review on a teacher, created a meme and perhaps steered another unsuspecting student away from a racial undertone run-in. Twitter is the ultimate word of mouth source, as well as continuously rising in the ranks as the only news you can trust because it IS from the people. Most of the time you can go straight to the source or hear it from the horse's mouth all your own in order to draw conclusions or solidify facts in such a more immediate way than Facebook and even under an alias if you're a coward or just enjoying trolling as your own personal torture method. Your favorite sport star isn't going to take the time to stare their front camera lens in the eye and tell you why his organization are a bunch of back stabbing pigs and peasants playing executives, but they will get high and Tweet it in the morning over orange juice and a bagel. Or how else would you be sure that your President is a complete psycho if the wild lies and ridiculous reverse accusations weren't flowing right off his own thumbs leaving his colleagues to beg him to stop. Twitter might be single handedly saving the world by keeping our thoughts and our minds connected through humor, politics, sports, arts, debate and all of our opinions on these topics flowing worldwide. 

Bottom line. Put it in writing.