EVENT: Upstream Fest x Fish Tank Friends Stage

A few weeks back I had to make mention of the Fish Tank Friends guest curated stage because it is going to be one of the only stages that I stay through, during this first Upstream Fest, and possibly live periscope all the performances. The issue with telling you about it before was that I did not know where the stage would be located -but the news is out. The Fish Tank Friends gambit of artists will be featured at Kraken Congee giving you a taste of their sounds while you have the choice of enjoying a bowl of popular Seattle rice porridge or Kare Kare beef and noodles. I prefer the latter. Most of FTF we have been able to see grow from getting to know them a little more than a year ago. So there are some highlights to watch out for that we recommend. Do not miss the Baloogz set, not only is he the front runner for the culture of the crew but he's also extremely underrated as a experience provider during his DJ sets. Maybe underrated is the wrong term to use because those who know know so-to-speak but his business efforts do overshadow his talents in the public eye. It has been months since I have seen a Jamie Blake set but from everything I know and remember his set will be fye in addition to the fact that he has been busy on the CODA scene in Seattle so I expect a bit of attendance to see him. New names I want to see IG88 and Astro King Phoenix are acts that I have heard of and for a while I was playing Astro King but since taking a break I have not been back and now I'm interested to hear growth and see him for the first time live.

The talent is one thing about the FTF stage but the representation is the crowning piece to the puzzle. This is Tacoman rooted music that is NOT rap or RNB but instead musically diverse and storytelling. It is also one of the few Tacoman curated stages, not that all the artists are Tacoman but the majority of them are and that means something in these times of the Northwest musician renaissance - at least that's what it feels like.

The FTF stage is Saturday stage and starts at 8PM. 

If you have never seen Bujemane perform be present. He is setting the Summer up.