SPORTS: The 907 Playbook - Berto Signs to Washington State

Fresh off a blistering good senior year that saw him reach over 1,000 career high school points, Roberto Gittens led his team to Foss’ first state title in 17 years. Yall already know my feelings on that though. A few months later a report came out that Berto had decided to withdraw his verbal commitment from Boise State, which was made towards the end of his junior year. When I first heard this news I was pretty torn, I never believe that AAU after your senior year is a good idea, the risk of injury or loss of momentum looms too large for to risk it in my opinion. But then there's always the option to sign with a more prominent school. And that is exactly what Berto did with WSU. Especially when his commitment to Boise was before the title and stardom, this was a genius move. No shade to the Broncos, but the exposure and chance of propelling a career is lower with a non PAC12 school. I think wazzu is a great option. They are a team who needs that star player and Berto can be that for them, i think he’ll immediately have a huge impact and hopefully stay healthy and lead wsu to come national exposure a-la Klay Thompson.

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