VIDEO: In My Feelings x Will Jordan

Will Jordan is making his strongest push yet recently landing show sets at 40 Oz Bounce, the very exclusive invite KEXP Live (word to Stasia) and Will will be featured on more than one stage at the upcoming first annual Upstream Fest. I don't know the inner working of his transition away from Tacoma's Sky Movement but it appears to be the best thing for him. Shortly after I noticed he was no longer flying the flag for his longtime team (a team that did help him land a Grammy nomination) Jordan was featured on Revolt and you could feel a change approaching. Months later hes shows booked and PR present its a blessing because Jordan is surely one of the artists / songwriters from Tacoma with worldwide potential. His sounds is often deeply emotional in content and big and boisterous in sound. What is even more impressive about Jordan is -  he does all the production himself. 


So it wasn't surprising when two days ago his latest visual, a short film entitled "In My Feelings" released to his Internet audience via the popular blog and new music hub 2DopeBoyz, it was refreshing. It was also a blessing because if you follow Jordan closely you would have noticed that he's been building on this moment since late in February - perfect execution in promotion in my humble opionion. The quality of the content is well thought, easy to follow and shot well within the city limits of Tacoma using spaces and faces that have real meaning to Will and the rest of Tacoma. This man shot a scene in Fabitat that looked like a Parisian nightclub - he's reached a new level. Do a quick Google if you're not familiar with Tacoma. But this is the type of excitement he needs to be building around his next release and I am looking forward to watching the rest of the rollout. "Deep Sleep" is set for release sometime later this year and I'm hoping we get one or two more visuals to get the people going. But for now we all need to salute the work of director Michael Rabb and Will Jordan and press play to do our part to push forward the Tacoman spotlighting. We are doing a lot right now to be nationally recognized for our arts and artists let's support the quality efforts like this one. 

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