VIDEO: Spring Training '17

Over the weekend we released our 2017 Spring Training collection. As mentioned before Spring Training as a collection is a constant theme that we use in our brand identity.  The collections have often been very successful and bring a lot of Tacomans out to Safeco in gear that represents them and the T. It's really a joy to see the growth of each collection and the response to every drop. This one is a personal favorite because of the Club907 crest T-shirt, available in navy and gray, the design was originally only meant to be a sticker but the 'slaps' got such a tremendous response that we decided to give our audience (and ourselves) the chance to wear the crest on our chest. The crowd favorites via response on our social media are the T star windbreaker and the stamp logo pullover, the latter doesn't release until this upcoming Saturday and is featured in white and navy colorways. My personal apologies to our mailing list for promoting the wrong release date, but the silver lining is that you didn't miss out. Cop up. 5/13/17 in-store and online.  

The morning of the drop Houdinii creative director and owner Shaq pulled up on me at the shop and helped me give you a quick run down of the pieces + some B-roll. Shout out to the Houdinii Vision!! Cop up before it's all gone. No reprints per usual.  

Pro-tip: Spring Training collections are some our most rare - no reruns. Not even others color renditions.  Play the game like you know how -  just sayin.