I can't say I did not have a good time. That would be a lie. Bujemane curated such an amazing playlist of people that it was going to rock no matter what. My favorites from the night would have to be Baloogz and Pore Sport both of them had my shoes moving the entirety of their sets. But let us quickly get down to the brass tax. The people did not come out for Bujemane in the right manner and once again that is such a mind-boggling failure on the youth of Tacoma. Events are starting to happen a lot more frequently in the T and the support needed is participation based - show up ladies and gents. You have to come out and literally touch the people - that is the first step. That is not to say that we have not made a lot of headway in a short amount of time here in the T but let this is a sirens sound worth of reminding you - it is urgent that we all be consistent. WAVCAP is a free event. Another observation as I worked the door was how big an issue it was keeping people in doors. Initially I blamed it on the heat in the room - but as I took a closer look it was all about smoking - not the temperature. Everybody wanted to smoke, so much so that they barely left time for dancing. In fact there was a specific flow and cycle to it, people would make their entrance and dart to the crowd of people stuck in the far right corner of the room as to avoid being a body on the very open dance floor. Then after chatting for roughly five minutes, if accompanied by a pal, they would either take a moment to roll-up in doors or step outside to do so and smoke. HERE is where it gets a little ridiculous, during the walk from far right corner to the exit was the brief moment you got some Soul-Train-like dancing to happen. Basically two popular dance moves while in forward motion, some laughter and an exit. On occasion it would happen in the reverse direction as someone entered the room. In hindsight it is hilarious and a little eerie how choreograph things looked. Session after session the party slowly gassed it self up for spurts of chaos on the dance floor that led to scrambles for the exit again and more smoking. 

Is permitting smoking the cheat code for keeping the party lit in Tacoma??

On a very positive note there was only love shared during the 15+ ten person sessions and you could see some bridges being built between one another. The sound system (provided by Baloogz) was insanely good, again the bill put together by Bujemane felt flawless, my mans in the knitted sweater that plays the saxophone kept the couple dance circle that took place very lit and interesting, Adrian blessed the block by coming through with three pizzas for the partiers around the midnight hour, Coach P showed people how a bouncer can have a blast too and Quincy got off Magnolia once before we kicked everyone out and gave thanks for coming out. I look forward to next year - Buje will most likely be famous by that point.

Tren wit da swag

Tren wit da swag

I'll do better on the pics next time - I missed a lot of fits that I would have loved to post here. Next time.