It has been too long since TVESPA (producer, videographer, animator and DJ) of the SVNDLAAT has been around. He is the king of the hiatus - but it is never not worth the return. I had to get on the phone with him after it dropped and ask why hen dropped it  and where he's been. But VESPA is not one for a lot of words, so instead I asked for two words that would describe it emotionally. Fun and encouraging was his answer. 

VESPA is turning a new leaf in his mixing and really blending more songs and sounds together in for shorter time length in the beginning and short of elongating moments in the middle and back for very choppy, well mixed finish. As a long time listener this is one for growth and what better time then before the Summertime. Let's press the plays and push Vespa to deliver Vol. 2 sooner than he intended.