Carrick does a lot in the scene and in support of the culture but 7 Slaps in the Sack is my favorite thing. It is such a smart idea and fits his personality so well. He has had some major names on the show that filtered views to the Youtube page, Denzel Curry, The Underachievers, Dylan Ross, but he also rocks with the middle tier artists, the up and coming artists with cult followings. I needed to post these two episodes because they are newer and need to be noticed in addition to the fact that I support both artists. PELL was great live, I was able to catch him during a Red Bull Sound Select shout out to Grace Kelly PR. CRIMEWAVE is 'that' guy in Tacoma for a lot of reasons - the reason I like to cite the most is his ability to thrive in multiple genres. CRIMEWAVE is a name in the growing rap scene here but also a recognizable face and musician on the hardcore/metal scene. Peep both episodes and continue to lookout of for 7 Slaps in the Sack it's on pace to be a staple for our region.