EVENT: Funday Sunday Returns via Jazzbones

Thanks to the awesome support from Tacoma and residents of our neighboring cities that showed we are going for Round II Funday Sunday June 25th. The night will feel like a bit of deju-vu to the bodies that came out to our inaugural night, we will be bringing back BALOOGZ of Fish Tank Friends and Aramis for their stellar sets and adding :30 DJ and producer Quincy James to the night. BALOOGZ also has a guest set in place that I know is sure to appease the bodies on the dance floor. Much like May 21st this night is about dancing and you will find the majority of us from the 907 all up front under the flashing lights sweating in front of the stage. The vibes the first time around were made for us by us and Jazzbones has been very accommodating - let's level it up once more June 25th. There will also be a yoga session that morning that you can guarantee will be intense - we're on session 3 jump down with us. 

You can buy pre-sale tickets if you click the link below.


Pro-tip:  Buy them now and put them aside - it feels free on the night in question.