MUSIC: Big Trouble x Ugly Frank (prod) KReam Team

Ugly Franklin has made an appearance from his cave in the hills of Tacoma. Back with his bestie and bandmate Khris P of KReam Team this single has a chilling flow that Frank is continuing to polish. The content is very much the ILLFIGHTYOU aesthetic, very brass, very fuck you, very much Frank at his ugliest. There are a few of these banger loosie songs hanging around the IFY Frank hard drive and this one is certainly a gem in addition to the production being amazing. Something about these two in tandem never gets old. My favorite part about Frank's performance on this one is the elongated syllables in his verses, as a listener I feel like he is lost in the vibe and it becomes more about his presence on the song than the lyrics. KReam Team working that organ into the percussion heavy haunting sound is a gem. Be on the lookout for all the solo drops there has been a lot of waiting but there has been no lack of work from the trio. Frank might have a double disc if you can be patient enough. Until then this songs need a 100k.