As we approach our 3rd year anniversary July 19th, 2017 we have been doing a lot to gear up for the festivities, last year when we were finishing designing this collection and again at the beginning of the year when we were refining the designs and the details we wanted it to feel like a pre-cursor to the 3 year collection. So not only is the collection titled 3 of a Kind but the theme to every design is three literally and metaphorically.  Within the 907 the feeling is that is may be the collection with the least amount of relation to the Northwest, I can agree with it aesthetically but not culturally. The themes and content are all in relation to lifestyle, wardrobe and conversation with our fellow PNWers but eTceTera is for everywhere every time. 

Peep the first half of the T shirt offering below. The thought process behind each piece is available for you to read hope you take the opportunity to get to know us a bit a better.