READ: ARTIST - Rob Regis Q&A (Sage Art Unleashed)

This is an artist profile/Q & A with the extraordinary artist Rob Regis who will be in-store July 15th as a featured artist for Sage Art Unleashed. 


Where did you grow up and where do you live currently geographically?? 

I was born & raised in Connecticut, moved to Florida during high school>
Currently based out of West Palm Beach, in south Florida.

How did you discover your talent and how old were you??

I'm not too sure of how old I was when I first started drawing, I'm pretty sure I was around 4 or 5. I just remember losing so much time in reading & writing comics.

What is your favorite part of your creative process?? 

I have a love & hate relationship with the "process". My favorite part is taking an incredibly long sigh when I know I'm finished. (But I also enjoy the actually painting part, blending and mixing colors)

Do you have any artist influences or a favorite, if not who do you look to for guidance in terms of art??

Some of my favorite artists that lent me so much inspiration over the years came from Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Jean as well a whole plethora of underground graffiti artists.

What motivates you to create??

Really just making something out of nothing. (Or at least making something that didn't exist as it was before).

What do you anticipate making 5 years from now and is that an exciting or anxious thought?? 

I'm both excited and anxious for the future. Five years from now, I hope I have a gallery to call my own, or at least a workshop/studio. Aside from that, I'd really just like to see my art go across even more of this planet.

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