MUSIC: S.O.U.P x Swanks ft. Khris P (prod. KReam Team)

SVNDLAAT has a couple of favorites within the team catalog and archive. Purple Palm Trees by Swanks and Khris P might be number one on that list, and if it isn't a close second is the only other spot behind either YES or Bobby Hill. It's a tough call. If you're a little lost right now you should take the time to do a little research on Khris P - his name is the only name attached to all three. The sound of Purple Palm Trees was so specific to the concept the first time around it was the imagery it created in your mind was eerie. The cover art for S.O.U.P has me speculating a part two that could change the dynamic of Summer for the 907 completely as I'm sure that will be our unexpected soundtrack to the sunlight. We'll have to see. For now we get to enjoy a loosie full of energy and lyrical sparring.