VIDEO: KEXP Live x Will Jordan (Full Performance)

Will Jordan is one the promienent names from Tacoma his accolades have pushed him into several new opportunities recently. After seeing him at Upstream there was a clear change in appearances, performances and the frequency. He's left the Sky Movement and hit the ground running. I appreciate the surge because his talent and network is pretty much endless consistency and patience are key now. From the industry moments I have been fortunate enough to closely observe Will can easily be a on a Miguel type of journey - where his early accolades lead to career stardom down the line.  KEXP LIVE is THEE main stage in my personal opinion, it's our version of Unplugged here in the Northwest and they have had the creme de la creme on the show. So on behalf of Tacoma we need to say THANK YOU to Stas (per usual for being so thorough) and KEXP for giving Stas the power and featuring Will Jordan. The video below is 22 minutes of entertainment - you should take the time to enjoy it.