MUSIC: PRESTO X :30 coming soon...

There are few things that I can keep secret as long as I have been keeping my lips locked shut when asked about :30 and what they have 'next'.  Most of the time I know whomever is asking me that isn't caught up enough in real time to get the scoop on what's next from SCoob and the :30 clique. Since their last release Street Pharmacist, which for our side had a slow start, they have been putting the finishing touches on Presto. Street Rx was by no means throwaways but it was the cuts that didn't make the Presto cut either due to production criteria (Presto is fully split production from KHRIS P & DJQJ) or content. Street Rx was :30 coming from a darker not so boastful space. They had to show you the other side of the glamor and, in that, the stories that make spiritual songs like 30 for 30 and Bowflex. We highly recommend playing Street Rx back twice or more before June 30th. The guys were working overtime during the last release and most of PRESTO was recorded in the same time period. When we had Quincy, Sheed and Scooby on the LIKEITORNOT podcast there were open about the process and how PRESTO would be follow up story in a way that would connect the two projects. 

 Now :30 is doing an excellent job promoting for the PRESTO release, they are producing and pushing commercials that have released online via their twitter, IG and Youtube prescence with the help of Yungtada.  You can find them HERE & HERE. The second installment of 'Cookin with Khris P' releasing through PRESTO as a commercial was such a stragetic move, whether you are a fan or Khris P or ILLFIGHTYOU or SVNDLAAT or :30 it is a must watch, it is literally content people have been waiting years to see. There is one more commercial on the way but I'll save that for another day.

In addition to the videos there is a banger video 'Too Long' that has released again with the help of Yungtada. The video features Shawn Parker, Ghoulavelii, SheedBe and :30 frontman PHX. The song was not one of the favorites but the energy of the video and of these artist coming together was enough. All of them are the acts in Tacoma making moves. They are on bills inside the T and outside the T, they are being featured on several different blogs and they are also in the field, on the scenes pulling up and making the culture what it is - it's much more than hiding behind the mic in the studio. This is the type of organic collaboration that we have been begging for - to see it is it acknowledge the light at the end of the tunnel.