LISTEN: LikeItorNot Season 2 - The Rachi Episode

This week we had Rachi Wortham in studio. And not just any studio, but Moon Yard Studios, nestled in quiet, peaceful, North Tacoma. This was our 2nd episode of Season 2 and the first that me and the Other Guy have gotten together since the last episode of season 1.

At any rate, we linked up at the shop around 1:30 & per usual, That Other Guy was holding a meeting, which was nearing its end. As I got closer, I saw he was talking w/ :30 members Scooby the Juiceman, Q, & possibly my new favorite artist FACE, aka Ay yo ghost, yo Ray! Anyways, your not supposed to understand that and if you do, well then kudos to you.. Let me know if you dissect that though. Moving right along, we left eTc at about a quarter til' 2, when I realized I'd forgotten my podcast notes! I usually don't carry physical notes to these podcast sessions but for Rachi's interview, I wasn't gonna play around. So I was sort of scramblin' and panickin' and trying to figure out what I was going to do when That Other Guy simply said, 'Have your girl send you photos of the notes'. 😂 A light went on in my head and I realized why of course I'm gonna do that! Why the fck didn't I think of that before?! Not that it's a big deal but I should know these things in 2017 but here I'm still taking physical notes!

So I get the notes via text and we are on our way to meet our guest at this new studio we'd never recorded at. We walk in and our guest is already there, which had happened maybe once in our first season. Doug, the owner/engineer of Moon Yard Studios, was already set up and ready to go once we walked in the door. So we basically get there, sit down, no adjusting of the mics or none of that and just got right to the point. My first question sets off the interview as Rachi is asked to give his all-time top 5 players he's seen in Tacoma. Let's just say great minds think alike cause you already know he had Billy Brady at #1. Listen in to hear the rest of his team (2 which have already been on LIKEITORNOT Season 1) and catch the knowledge he shares in this episode that flows like a FCKIN river a FCKIN river!! Many names from the past are brought up, topics discussed vary but stick to hoop & we get the real low down on when Foss won the state basketball championship in 2001, eliminating then Garfield's Brandon Roy & co. in the semis and eventually beating Bethel for the title. Thanks for reading, if you've made it this far, and thank you all for listening, liking and sharing our podcasts with all of your friends, family, neighbors, cats, dogs, your birds, THE BIRDS, and many other things, we appreciate y'all. Til' next time, LIKEITORNOT.