MUSIC: Rare x Raz Simone

It has been a head scratching moment several times when I ask myself why Raz doesn't get the support from his city. I'm beginning to that there are a lot of closet fans, which is weird, or that he simply does not need the support. The latter seems to be the case - his back office is strong with Black Umbrella he's received the proper industry co-sign (L. Cohen) and unlike others who have rested at this plateau Raz is more consistent. And his marketing campaigns make sense. Raz had the opportunity to release a great new song Missin Joogs exclusively through XXL. Since it is an exclusive for XXL his camp is smart enough to understand the clicking and traffic that will flood his soundcloud page. They were prepared and released new music for new fans who make their way to the page from the click on XXL and so they are met with more new music versus nice month old music you claim is "new to them". It seems like Raz is still galaxies away from getting the swaying attention of Tacomans but when he produces heat for the aux we'll be here to keep you in the loop.