Perry Porter is an artist in facets. He's one of the most decorated and skilled water-colorist that we have ever seen and he's also an amazing lyricist. The latter is overlooked too often. It was somewhere at the end of 2016 that duo he was half of, Sleep Steady, decided to part ways and pursue solo efforts. Interesting enough the split came in the midst of some pretty revelant press and shorty after the release of a solid project. It happens that way too often. But Perry is taking the opportunity to brand himself on a more personal level and take his fate in his own hands.

Bobby RO$$ picks up where Sleep Steady left off in terms of the heavy fast pace of the production. Since Perry is an accomplished painter the witty Bob Ross comparison is gold but Perry takes it a step further flipping the Ross last name into Rozay which further blends the wit and metaphor behind the title of his single and name of his upcoming EP. From the technical side the sound and song the vocal mixing is far more separated and Perry's voice affliction and bars both come through with a lot more clarity. It's solid work from Perry on his dolo return - the artwork and concept are intriguing. We usually get the album preview before the rest of the world - fingers crossed the tradition lives on.