Hats off to ArcadeEra for producing this song and for having such an amazing alias. He has a name that makes you want to listen a little further into things. MAQ or MyNiggaMaQ seems to be what he goes by now has been dappling in releasing all kinds of work the latter half of this year. There was even a moment when beats were the focus and it seemed that a beat tape or even multiple beat tapes were on the way. Turns out his passion is lyrics and getting the stories out that he has trapped inside his head. We follow and got to know MaQ along his own journey. Originally he is one of the main faces behind the West Village collective, a crew of members that includes standouts like Aramis and Agnus Abel. They are the kids from Lakewood that found us when our doors first opened and have kept their wave going ever since, even when dealing with building their own personal followings and extended businesses. It has been a pleasure to watch MaQ grow and continue to find himself. We miss out on posting a lot of what MaQ does but the lyrical content on My Whole Life captivating and he's telling the story in a way that we what to hear it. More from MaQ like this and we may have a solid full length on our hands. MaQ is very DIY and we support that type too of effort.

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