Seaan Brooks is back with new visuals. Last week we were blessed enough to get the full length run through of the EP rough in-store. Shout out Seaan for pulling up. Those last 3 songs are the heat that keeps the flame lit. 

Truth be told the production sounds a lot like things we have heard from Seaan in the past with a bit of content change. If you pay attention to Seaan's lyrics then you'll hear some of the more person moments. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the meantime Seaan is gearing up by investing in himself, you can find "Let It Go" on all the premium streaming services and you should utilize them if you're a Seaan Brooks supporter. The visual for "Let It Go" feels like a mini movie because of the unique cinematography from co-director LexScope. This is some of the best drone work that we have seen from Lex and the location scouting is great; if you're from Tacoma then you notice the places they wanted you to and you're intrigued about other locations that are not so easy to identify. The coloring is a little off in some areas for us but the picture quality is so clean in other areas it makes up for it. Seaan and Lex were also able to do a nice job recreating the window angle we all loved so much from The Dark Knight. If you don't know the scene and miss the reference it's an awesome angle to see Seaan rap. The titling at the beginning is such an attention grabber, good work from this duo and we really hope to see more.