Highway Khi is a newer face for us at the 907 although we have seen his name around and next to certain circles. But his latest work features two talents that we follow on the regular and he's got one for sure because of it - in our opinion. JuiceTheGod is one the newer faces that we show support. Both his look and sound are authentic to his character - that means a lot to us in these tricky times. We haven't heard much else from Khi, LikeItorNot, but his ability to harmonize under auto-tune isn't bad and his singing efforts obviously gave JUICE free reign to try his hand at auto tuning portions of his verse and elongated bars to build on melody and he did that. 

The video is shot by the more and more infamous Yungtada. Tada holds true to setting the bar. The race track location makes seems to make sense when dealing with Highway Khi and the moving camera keeps your attention while Highway does his version of serenading the listener. Of course the post production is fire, Yungtada has been cementing his style and coloring effects aesthetic and lately that has been a focal point in his work. He continues to do a great job at making it new. The mirrored slow pan of the rainy water viewpoint in the beginning of the visual is the attention grabber for the music video nerds like ourselves. This a good introduction to Highway Khi for us and a solid starting line for us to start checking up on his work.