S.O.U.P is an interesting character and a Renaissance man in his own right. He's probably most known for being energetic and a bit of a lose cannon but he's a lovable dad figure as well. When SOUP first hit the SoundCloud scene and some of his peers from Tacoma began to co-sign his talent and enjoy his music we were skeptical. Our reasoning for be so was because of how we SOUP originally he was half of a head wear startup company that did decent numbers of out the shop. It was impressive actually.  Then he took a hiatus and came back a party scene performer. For not being around very long he even caught the attention of TOE JAM curators and performed at one of the more successful parties and turnout. AYEYUKNOW feels like an extension of all that. There is even a pitch on his voice help you understand the energy he wants to induce with his music. In an interview we did behind Club907 one day we asked what best describes he music and he said "fast - I want people to understand my shit is fast". He accomplished his goal AYEYUKNOW is definitely a fast and heavy enough vibe to get the elbows and shoves going zero to a hunnid - real quick.