ZOE RONNY is a product of Gary. A lot of young Tacomans are a product of Gary actually but what sets ZOE apart from the rest and makes us love him is how he embraces it. Zoe is as young and energetic the wildest of them but there is real concept and consciousness behind some of the work Gary or Aramis (a popular DJ from the T) has let us hear in secret or via Google Drive links. He honestly could be up next and AINTNOZOE is a head start on whoever thinks they have next. Ronny himself comes from a Zoe background culturally. We pray you take the time to research the geographic implications behind calling oneself a zoe. AINTNOZOE is a hard hitting club anthem that will bring you back to the days of crunk if you let Zoe Ronnys words hit home and you recall a time space or place where everything unauthentic is being called the opposite. Zo's everywhere need to be letting this one go up in the trunk - it kinda makes us want to hear our license plates rattle.