Misundvrstood lyrically is one of the best on the Western Washington scene. She has enough videos and comments and plays on those videos to prove this. What she does reminds us of the times when bars were all that mattered and making a hot song was the latter of all concerns. We used to want to be impressed and feel like we couldn't in our wildest dreams put together some of the metaphoric and imagery grasping lines that Lupe Luda and our personal favorite Fabolous once did. Mis makes us want to throw somebody in a cypher and watch her clean the bone. But she also makes great songs and understands song structure and the importance of a tight cadence. She's the real deal - we can draw industry comparisons but there's only one name we want you to know. Stood's Don't Get Along mostly sums up what we are saying here; she doesn't need to play on other fields or teams she is a franchise player and getting along with randoms or even her peers outside of MYL is something they and she can't be concerned with. Peep her for the bars and Aaron J known as J on the Boards when he's in engineer mode.