Vol.3 was about trying new things for us. We dappled in the Seattle and Federal Way talent pool this time and we were pleasantly surprise at how meshed and well rounded everything still sounds. We will take that as more proof to our point that the Pacific Northwest can have it's own self sustained sound. But sometimes you have to reach into your bag on tricks which is what we decided to do after asking for submissions. We cannot call it random because he's family to the the 907 but it was certainly unexpected when our Los Angeles brother tapped in with some heat. By trait KT the Terrible is known for his writing and production but he's also been on tour with Pell as a DJ and done several shows with Alexander Spit doing live production and DJing. KT sent some of his latest work our way with a beat that is reminiscent of his incredible sample work from his work with Jeanleon and 2013 year with Alexander Spit. Marc Maverick is the rapper of this track and he does and great job and being in the pocket during verses and the hook is rather infectious with all the space and simplicity of the IDK. Maverick is the puzzle piece that brings this track together and it's dope to have him on our radar now. Shout out to KT for being a real producer and doing more than just making the beat.