LikeItorNot we are going to continue to support and stand on a soapbox for Easy EQ. Her ability to be consistent in her personal branding and presence is a reason we stand for her but it's her quality and attention to detail in terms of making singles that make us enjoy her. Every intention has been clear thus far which goes along way when half the time things seem murky with other artists about who they are and how they aspire to live. EQ is about getting women and money like most rappers but there is a bit of blue collar in the midst of the luxury lifestyle that she is not afraid of commenting on in her music or face to face. So when she submitted Summertime '17, we left out the "17" for the shallow minded who may attempt to limit replay value because EQ time stamp her moment, it further tells the story of EQ's strive for simple living where it's really about chasing the sun and everything fun. Summertime is the classic BBQ soundtrack told from the EQ perspective and over a very reliable west banger with a bpm to help you slow your pace and enjoy your moment for a cool 2:53. Even the time length of the song ties into it - these are details we are talking about.