I will start by saying that before this sound can take off in the manner that I suspect it will there is a need for post production. All of the SICKO SUNDAYS have been exceptional if we are speaking purely to the energy and content of the songs but sonically it’s rough. That could be the intention but if so it limits the access. If a radio station can’t play it and a homie can’t spin it in the club because the quality is too low then it’s stuck below ground. The underground might be such a bad idea but being able to play this at a proper function is a must. Only time will tell whether cleaning up the sound is a priority. I will be the first to admit that it is not a priority to me, but the average listener has an ear based off the music industry/radio where, for the most part, there are specific levels your music must be to be played in those arenas.

If they keep making music like this the underground route is where they should stay, plenty money is to be made that way as well. ‘WHAT HE SAY’ feels like the song you play in your headphones on the bus ride up to a rivalry game. If you feel it, the energy makes you want to yell and growl the lyrics all in the same breath. It’s intense. So far there is only a visual for this one, a :30presents signature, it was shot and directed by Nate Jr. and features some fun cameos. Highlights from the first time I watched it have to be:

Vonje smiling/dancing so hard in the first 10 seconds

Big Thee spinning the hammer on his finger

SheedBe doing the Bernie

SheedBe grabbing the off-camera backwood