ManListenTV is something that I have recently come across and it peaked my interest. The host Watchyatone is a good person and is passionate about hip-hop and where it has come from. Every time we see each other the first question from either one of us is “What you been listening to?”. It’s the way we say hello to each other.

There are a couple small things that make me enjoy what Watchyatone is doing with ManListenTV. First he is tapping in with the scene around him, the LROC episode is the first one that I watched. But the Big Spec episode was enlightening and the Cally Reed episode was another one that I enjoyed, you can’t not laugh when Cally is in the building. ManListenTV is doing parallel work to us and we need more of it. I should have been posting all the other episodes but it’s clear that in Tacoma even with a scene full of rapid growth potential it’s still going to be outside influences that help grow an audience willing to participate and pay attention. DJ Battlecat should be one of those names/influences. IF YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THE NAME THAT IS MORE REASON TO STAY AND PRESS PLAY.

DJ Battlecat’s resume is FAR too long to even attempt to cite but Watchyatone really got him to impromptu sit down and give real game sitting next to another producer Tha Chill who has work you know about through classic Black cinema. These are two men who helped forge the sound of yesterday and today on the West coast, and a talented passionate producer like DJ Battlecat is going to influence the next generation because he is still influential to the current power players like YG, Nipsey, The Game and the So-Cal list goes on and on. ManListenTV has a lot of good episodes lined up and a little kite told me contracts are being signed in an effort to expand the exposure and caliber of guest but make no mistake Watchyatone is watching out for the artist in his region first.