D.WHITE is back. If you don’t know D.WHITE aka C’EST D.BLANC all is well you will get to know him over the next year. D.WHITE is no stranger to the scene though, his music has been featured not only on this blog but he’s gotten nods from both Seattle and Tacoma. But he did take a sabbatical to finish college and graduate from the University of Washington, he sounds like an artist with his priorities together because he is just that. D.WHITE also comes from a lineage of music making that has left its mark on the T. His dad is the infamous Mr. D.O.G. aka MrDog253 which is one of the first rap names that I ever heard of and was not directly connected to my neighborhood. Although I have not followed Mr. D.O.G. since I was a pup it is a exciting twist to the tale to see his son D.WHITE be someone we champion and watch him tap in with his elder to bridge the age and awareness gap. It is the definition of full circle.

D.WHITE’s initial ‘COME BACK?’ comes with a bunch of questions from his audience of homies and Internet fans that have heard the music. The first question being is this reeeeally a comeback when there is a question mark even in the titling of the song? I personally hope it’s just marketing. But only time will tell. A deeper question I would like the answer to is - will there be a father and son split?! That sounds like the kind of marketing that the T could use and I promise you the small history lesson that would have to be attached to the release of that project would do all of us some good. D.WHITE’s new jam is short but consistent with what we like from him, Gary is on the production and there isn’t much more you can ask for. D.WHITE has a voice that every time I play him for a new ear they say he sounds confident and polished in his delivery - I look forward to him building on his skillset and making the T believe in his vision. First of many more - I hope.

Written and performed by D.WHITE
Produced by GARY
Cover art by TIFFANY H.

This is the latest from Mr. D.O.G one of the TOWN originals: