There is no Tacoma rapper more consistent then Seaan Brooks at the moment. He lives in the studio and even when it sounds like he isn’t sure whether to push forward or pull the reigns on his ambitions - he ends up back in the studio. It’s obsessive and that is the mark of an artist. It takes time and effort, trial and error and Seaan seems prepared for that in a way that we haven’t seen on the scene. Some of the best lyric writers we know have stepped away from their vision in order to fulfill their lives with other passions. Seaan isn’t turning his back and I don’t think he plans on it.

 ‘HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS’ is his latest and as he would describe it via social media, this is an open book. Brooks mission with this project is to put up no walls and fill no facades - he wanted it to be personal less coded and more straightforward in approach. I think he accomplished that. There are a lot of moments where he is opening up about addiction on a few levels and demons he deals with on the daily. I could tell this was a real turning point for Seaan in reference to his content because he was outward about how he felt people would receive his open journal. He was accurate in doing so - there has been an overwhelming response from his core fans to continue on in this manner. You can see they feel more connected to his sound and how he is delivering his ideas. Does he have the ear of his peers yet? I don’t think it’s come that far but I believe his peer group is ready to acknowledge his artistry and that is a start. Someone said it’s a marathon - Brooks must be built for cross country.