I decided to post this one so you do not miss your chance. Normally posting about a band this big isn’t appealing to me but it is important to our region that our readership has at the very least heard of the Fleet Foxes.

It has been too long since the world has heard anything from the Fleet Foxes. But SUB POP (via Soundcloud - again) says that they are releasing unreleased/under-appreciated gold from the archive soon. ‘ISLES’ is an old B-SIDE for those that care and is going to be released through SUB POP as part of a Fleet Foxes 'FIRST COLLECTION 2006-2009’. For me those are the years that I was deep in the folklore hole that the Foxes lead me down, they opened my ears to another sound that I was not privy to in the past.

So this is like hitting the restart button or if you have never played Fleet Foxes this is a chance to play catch up the right way. I thought these guys decided to go their separate ways like most bands that break the mold in one way or another but maybe this is a telling sign of putting this back together. Either way ‘ISLES’ is a banger on currently waiting on you.