Over the past few weeks I have been digging DEEEP around Tacoma and the PNW to see what stone we must have missed turning over along the way. We learned in a short time that you will overlook anything you aren’t actively looking for. A lot of my best finds have been due to Spotify often letting Bujemane’s albums play through and then it organically goes on to play a Buje playlist generated off his sound and gems have been uncovered. But it was on SOUNDCLOUD the other day that I discovered Leila Wilson aka Woofle who is a producer of a particular type of music and sound engineer in an alternative way. She makes video game music! Woofle is amazing at what she does and even makes remixes (different versions) of tunes that she come up with or referenced in the past. She also does a lot of recreating classic gamer tunes but it’s best when she adds her ideals to the sound. Woofle has a knack for making sure the artwork is up to par as well - she cites Renz! as the artist for her latest upload to SC for ‘SHIFTING TIDES (CAMPFIRE VERSION)’. Her ability to mimic and revise such complex melodies is worth scrolling the catalog - just a heads up it is EXTENSIVE, 500+ tracks to be a little more accurate. Another intriguing layer to her work is her ability to tell the story of how and why the sound was developed - storytelling is an important part of building out inspiration for any artist, I’m grateful she shares. Woofle clearly had an idea of where she wanted to take the ‘CAMPFIRE VERSION’ of ‘SHIFTING TIDES’ and she nailed it. Read her synopsis play the ‘VERSE’ version and then play the CAMPFIRE version to see what I mean. It is impressive.

Posting Woofle here is important because artists like this are parallel to our scene. Producers and beat makers sample video game sounds on the regular and here we have someone in Tacoma who is making authentic gamer sounds. Play Pocket Watch and tell me that Woofle isn’t in the T making grooves - you can’t! Her sound and talent need to be spotlighted, you can expect LikeItOrNot to keep you in the know. The proof is really in the numbers Woofle is followed by 2k+ listeners, it’s clear her skillset is impressive.

Below is what she had to say about her latest:

Artwork by Renz!
Alternate version of Leila-wilson-woofle – Symphony-of-shifting-tides-verse-version in which Verse is joined by other musicians while hanging around the campfire at the Patchmore camp. Of note, Verse isn't the only musician in the main group. Karina, Basil and Xan are also classically trained musicians (whereas Verse isn't.) So, along with Sir Patchmore, they sat in on this little jam-session. I left in some mistakes to make it sound more organic.
I know Sir Patchmore plays the accordion, Karina plays the flute, and Xan plays the harmonica. I'm pretty sure Basil would be the one on bass, and of course Verse on guitar. As for the rest of the tracks, there are a LOT of Patchmore players!